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We see how important it is to secure your homes, retail complexes, and schools from robbery and crime. No doubt, it needs surveillance, alertness towards suspected individuals or activities. It will help if you go for guard services to secure your place. If you are searching for commercial or residential safety, it’s better to choose professional home Guard services available at the 360degreejobs platform.

A sense of security is essential, and at this platform, you will get well-trained security guards you can enlist. You can take guard service from our platform as they have the solution to every problem. It doesn't matter if you want Guard professionals for the bank, hospitals, offices, etc., the reliable guards at our platform will guarantee clients' safety by providing them with optimum security. You can also hire a Guard agency for different purposes like detecting suspicious things and so on.

Guard Home Responsibilities at our Platform

The home Guard professionals services at 360degreejobs platform are very reliable. You can hire them on a full-time or contractual basis as per your needs. Guard agency at our platform fulfills several responsibilities like preventing any crime or adding value to your organization.

1. The Agency for Guard staff at the 360degreejobs platform protects your visitors and the general public from any mishappening or uncertainty.

2. Here, house guard professionals quickly respond to emergencies.

3. These Guard staff providers fully control the buildings and protect the employees and the public.

4. The professional home Guard at 360degreejobs platform monitors the surveillance system and alarms.

5. The Guard agency providers work with managers, co-workers, supervisors to plan and execute the activities required to secure the public.

6. The services for home Guards at our platform take care of the patrolling areas and also perform security checks regularly.

Questions you can ask for Professional Home Guard

Several home guards provide security services, and it's your responsibility to ask mixed questions from a professional agency for Guard before hiring them. It will help if you are ready to ask questions confidently. The questions can be like their primary responsibilities, house Guard availability time, if they manage long hour shifts, about their expertise, will they work on a full-time basis or contract basis, their experience in carrying weapons, how to deal with utmost risk situations, how do they manage the large crowd and so on.  

We are Near to you Everywhere!

Our professional platform currently offers services in several countries that include Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, and Oman. We are expanding our services worldwide soon.

Trust the Selected range of Professional Home Guard Services

At 360degreejobs, you will get trained guard staff providers that offer exclusive services. Below are some of the services provided by Guard professionals:-

Industrial Security

Commercial Security

Retail Security

Residential Security

Female Security

Hospital Security

Campus Security

Bank Security

CCTV monitoring service

Event Security

In case you need any of the above-mentioned hire commercial or home Guard professional services, you can reach 360degreejobs platform. We satisfy customers' requirements for several years by providing them with reliable service providers you can hire on a contract basis or full time. So, you don't need to search here and there if you want a Guard professional agency; simply visit 360degreejobs and get the best security service by hiring the professional home Guard from our platform.

Step by Step guide to finding home guard service and promote at 360degreejobs platform

If you follow the steps mentioned below, you can easily find the best guard services on our platform, and you can even promote our platform if you are providing the guard service at 360degreejobs. Keep on reading to know the same.

1. At first, it is essential to sign up. By signing up, you will become a part of the 360degreejobs platform, and you can register as a service provider or a service giver.

2. Once you register at our well-reputed platform, the next thing you have to do is sign-in back to your platform. After signing in, you will see a dashboard of your profile.

3. The next thing you have to do is create your profile by filling in your accurate details required to fill.

4. You can promote your services in your profile, and you can take other's services by visiting the professional's profile. To do such things, register yourself.

5. Once you find a professional or a customer, you can directly contact them through the WhatsApp or contact us form, and enjoy our service.


Q.1 How much do professional security guards cost to hire?

If you are looking to hire a professional security guard, keep in mind that the price varied based on the hiring guard agency. In general, a security guard charges $15-$100+ per hour. Depending on the location, shifts, and level of risk at the guard's background and experience, you can pay around $10-$100 per hour or less or more.

Q.2 What should I look for when hiring a professional security guard?

Before hiring a home guard service, it is essential to look at several things.

You can conduct a background check that will help you to determine if hiring a guard is worth it or not, or if the guard fits the job.

You can check if the security guard is insured, bonded, and licensed.

You can see if the guard has strong communication skills to resolve various conflicts and misunderstandings.

Other than this, you can consider many things before hiring services home Guard.

Q.3 How effective are security guards?

Security guard plays a significant role in protecting your buildings, community or anything. Hiring a security guard is effective as the guard operates a gatehouse, works at the front desk, and patrols a community. That's undoubtedly a great way to send a message that there is no criminal behavior type.

Q.4 Where should I find the best Guard?

If you search for the best cleaning home Guard for your building, office, you can end your hunt at a 360degreejobs platform. You will get various professional home Guard services to serve you 24*7 and protect you from major and minor uncertainties.

Q.5 Which is the best platform to hire the Guard for the home?

360degreejobs is a well-reputed platform where you can easily get services for Guard homes. Simultaneously, you can hire the home Guard professionals from our platform. For that, visit google and search for and follow the steps as given in the step-by-step guide above.

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