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Get Full-Time House Maid Services

Employing a maid servant or housemaid services used to be considered a privilege for most people. That was before the arrival of 360degreejobs! We are a reputed maid recruitment agency assisting citizens in maintaining and managing their houses without worrying about the process. With us, you can easily hire some of the trustable and experienced housemaids.

Professional maids are one that allows sponsors to get time to do other important things while she/he manages their house. Maid staff providers will cover all your regular routine for cleaning, maintaining and providing deep cleaning services. Sponsors will be the manager and can easily coordinate with maid service. Maid agency will let sponsors hire a housemaid who will make every effort to do the best cleaning, dusting, wiping, and management you've ever had.

You as a client can also land on our platform 360degreejobs and hire some of the best professional maids agency for help. A hiring maid agency will give a better opportunity to maids to meet the families and sponsors for work. You can put down the requirement and if the applicant’s experience suits you then you can go ahead with the maid agency. Sponsors search to hire a maid agency who will be on top of the domestic help to give comprehensive help in all kinds of household work. Professional maids can also serve according to your cleaning checklist and leave a long-lasting fresh environment when you book a full-time maid through 360degreejobs maid staff providers.

We provide online maid service for hire to its sponsors as a well-known and established agencies for maid recruitment. We have a network of maid professional agency who are hiring maid servant. We are a maid agency provider who assists you in keeping things running smoothly. It's the same if you're looking for professional maids, maid agency providers, or maid for cooking. We will make a difference if you choose us as your maid recruitment agencies. We will help you to hire the best home maid or maid servant through our maid agency recruitment process, making your life easier and more relaxed.

Why hire a maid agency

Experienced house maid services

With 360degreejobs- a maid recruitment agencies, you get a company that stands behind the agency for maid staff where you get the job so you can check star ratings and feedback for each housemaid job sponsor. If you're ever unhappy with the sponsors you got, we have our agencies for maid recruitment open for you to apply again and get suitable sponsors.


If sponsors are busy with other activities and don't get time to do daily household chores then they look for maid services. We have a history of providing the best applicant for Housemaid services in the business. Maid staff providers will know which tool and products to use on which type of work to keep it looking nice.


A professional maids agency is especially beneficial for sponsors who have children or pets and, as a result, need to get help from a maid agency for routine work in the house. Maid agency providers will assist you around the house and you can trust 360degreejobs maid staff providers to hire maid service. Before hiring professional maids,  you need to specify the requirement and be sure that all the specifications and skills you want for the work are there in the maid.

Don't take chances while looking for a Maid agency to hire the housemaid

360degreejobs is a user-friendly platform that can be accessed through the web. With only a few taps, you can easily apply to a reliable, skilled hiring maid agency for housemaid services. We're the most popular platform for connecting people with top-rated, background-checked sponsors looking to hire housemaid services. Based on demand, you might get hired by maid agency sponsors for a housemaid job as soon as possible. To find the best hire maid agency, simply Google "maid servant job near me."

If you are a sponsor and looking to hire a reliable housemaid for the house work then you have come to the right place. Here you can post your requirement and filter out the best suited maid for your help. Or you can simply search for “Maid servant near me” and you will get a list of professional maids near you.

With 360degreejobs- an online maid service job provider, if you're unhappy with any part of our operation, we'll do all we can to make things right. Our mission is to keep you happy, and we want to make sure you have access to the best maid professional agency possible, for both, to hire and to apply.

Our application and hiring process is extremely quick, and we provide you a secure platform. You won't have to think about exposing your details out in the open when you are applying for a full time maid job. We understand the requirement might not match your skills as a housemaid, so you can go ahead and search for jobs based on your specifications. You can open the alerts for new relevant jobs and you will get notifications via email.

What responsibilities do professional maids have?

In most cases, a full-time maid is in charge of all kinds of household duties with cleaning and laundry duties. Housekeepers can have one or more duties to assist sponsors with daily activities, depending on the size of the property and the needs of the sponsors.

A Housemaid's main responsibilities are:

1. Outlining cleaning plans and duties in various parts of the home

2. Taking out periodical extensive cleans, as well as regular brushing of the house

3. Hoovering, cleaning, scrubbing, and washing of floorboards, rugs, and carpetings

4. Dusting and polishing

5. Ironing and steam-pressing

6. Routine washing and changing of bed sheets

7. Signing up regular cleaning records

8. Assuring maintenance of china, glass, metal cutlery

9. Keeping a catalog of cleaning products and supplies

10. Flower arranging

11. Managing stock and supply services in regards to cleaning goods and supplies

12. Implied dinner service jobs during big events

Get help from us for Housemaid services jobs

A well-known agency or website like 360degreejobs is the perfect place to search for a maid for cooking jobs. It's a website where you can get hired as a home maid on a part-time or full-time basis. There are numerous maid agency providers available, but with us, you will get immediate agency for maid staff jobs and professional maids jobs. You can get online maid service job assistance for any kind of maid services job in your city through our online portal.

If  you are a sponsor then with us you will get a reliable, trustworthy, and suitable maid servant so you can do your job conveniently. Maids are aware of your time and needs, and as a result, they provide you with high-quality service and assistance for daily house chores. House maid services are easily accessible for professional maids agency.

360degreejobs maid professional agency has extensive expertise, established administration processes, and qualified personnel to give a full range of employment assistance, including housemaid services, maid servant, maid agency, corporate pantry executives, full time maid, garden & lawn management, maid for cooking, online maid service, and servant maid to sponsors.

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