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Professional Nursing Care Services

Welcome to 360degreejobs! All in one platform for employment and employee hunt. We are an umbrella agency that offers a wide range of services across the globe like Asia Pacific, Gulf Countries (Dubai, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Abu Dhabi, UAE & Bahrain), Europe and USA.

What is nursing service?

Home care nursing:- Consists of a range of healthcare services at home. Nursing or patient care at home helps in disease prevention, recovery, management, and the protection of physical and mental well-being through health professionals' programs.

Whereas Hospital care consists of programs delivered for the benefit of patients by health practitioners at hospitals and clinics.

Duties and Responsibilities

There are various responsibilities which a nurse has to perform and with the help of our professional nurses, you will be assured of the best care of your near and dear ones as per your preference so that you can focus on maintaining the balance of your day-to-day activities.

There are end number of duties which a nurse has to perform which most of the people are not aware of, which are as follows:

1. An Assistant Nursing Superintendent do the supervision of all departments in the absence of Matron

2. A Sister & Midwifery tutor is responsible for conducting the teaching program for school nurses

3. Nursing Sister takes care of the patients and stays responsible for the diet sheet indent of drugs and etc.

4. Staff Nurse administer the patients medicine, injection & etc. followed with the discharge of the patients

In the perennial rat race and in the quest to become the best, people can’t tend to their family members medical conditions like giving the medicines on time or supervising their health progress and sometimes giving the therapies. As an acclaimed nurse agency provider our main priority is to provide the best nurses who can take care of your loved ones’ without being biased of race, ethnicity, or religion.

About 360degreejobs home health care nurses

We, at 360degreejobs, strive to give you the best home nursing services. Being one of the professional nurse recruitment agencies, we offer a platform for home nursing care. Our platform connects with professional and registered nurses. So, when seeking a nurse for your home nursing or professional nursing services, considering 360degreejobs would be an adequate measure. We aim to cater to the finest level of services to the patients.

Nursing care at home has become the preferred choice of people because of profitability and ease of services. Our motto is to lend a hand of assistance to people who need home nursing care. We assure you of top-notch nursing care services by constantly monitoring the physical condition of the patient.

Why hire a nurse?

The primary purpose of home nursing care is to treat an illness or accident. In general, home nursing facilities include wounds treatment for pressure sores or surgical wounds, patient and care, giver education, intravenous or nutritional therapy, injections, recovery treatments, and extreme disease and unstable health condition monitoring.

The utter need for nursing care services:-

The need of hiring nurses at home arises when elderly people start facing health issues and there is no family member to look after them.

In older people, various illnesses and physical disorders often make eldercare compulsory for them, so that they can live independently.

The type of treatment the elderly needed depends on the old person's health condition and the nature of the issue.

1. Many people do not require full-time nurses, though there are a few who owing to the seriousness of their problem required a 24/7 caregiver.

2. The medical component of nursing is not all about patient care. Stress over their conditions, accidents, treatments, operations, or rehabilitation can be experienced by patients.

3. Nurses need to manage the physical ailments of a patient as well as their emotional needs.

4. Being one of the nursing care services networks, our home health nursing is one of the main services. During hospitalization, we understand the emotional pain that the patient and family go through. With the best-in-class nursing care facilities, we ensure that nursing care services at home take care of the welfare of patients equally without any sacrifices.

Type of nurses at 360degreejobs (Private and Hospital Nurses)?

360degreejobs aims to provide nurses for home health nursing as well as for the hospitals and organizations.

1. Nursing care at home: If you are looking for nurse agency providers or nursing home services, you are at the right threshold. We brought experienced and professional nursing services to your doorstep.

A patient who gets discharged from the hospital needs a proper medication and administration of medicines and therapies followed by regular hospital visits for routine checkup. At 360degreejobs we offer professional nursing home services where hospital trips get minimal with the help of our home nursing care staff who will stay with the patient 24*7 with one aim to help them throughout their treatment.

Proper administration of medicine intake, IV’s, proper diet and therapies within the familiar surroundings of a patient’s home leads to a speedy recovery.

2. Patient care at home or Home care nursing:  Home care nursing involves appointing, under the supervision of a specialist, a team of nurses and nursing assistants to recover your loved one/patient in the comfort of their own home. Home health nursing services may be used by a doctor or hospital institution as facilities where patients are under continuous monitoring and are handled by a medical consultant according to the prognosis. Our professional nurses pay close attention and monitor the patients recovery by staying 24*7 with them. Hire the best home nursing care professionals from 360degreejobs and they will take care of the patient with a smile which will leave family members relaxed and with a sense of well-being. We aim to provide nursing services in Gulf countries as well as across the globe. Just search nursing services near me and land on our platform.

3. Elderly care at home : Elderly care is also known as Geriatric care in medical terms which means elderly care at the comfort of their home. Parents play an important role in our development at different stages starting from infancy till we start taking our decisions. But when parents start aging they feel neglected and often left in a vulnerable position due to the lack of awareness related to the change in behaviour of the new generation which leads to mental stress & abuse by their kin.

Give them the sense of belongingness by appointing an elderly care nursing at home. We at 360degreejobs help in recruiting the best professional nurses for home or hospitals.

Why choose 360degreejobs to hire Nurse professionals?

There are many reasons to choose us and our nurse professionals.

1. Expertise- We have expert nurses for home and they look after the patient carefully and with sobriety.

2. Excellence- We are committed to provide outstanding services that are advanced and latest. Hire the best

3. Cost-effective- Nursing services are cost-effective and every individual can afford the services.

4. Personalized care-We provide personalized and comfortable healthcare and nursing experience to our clients.

360degreejobs is a one-stop solution for nursing needs. We help people in hiring nurses as well as offer jobs to nurses. The primary role of a nurse is to look after the patient and make sure an acceptable level of comfort and convenience. There are three types of nursing assistants, registered nurses, and licensed nurses. We aim to meet your requirement of nurses whether you need nurses at home or for your hospital.

A nurse is responsible for the following aspects:-

Patient Care

Maintaining Patient Health Records

Medical Administration

Regular check-ups

Observe and record symptoms and health of the patient

Providing quality nursing services

Supporting the patient

Our platform includes experienced and professional staff that are highly skilled, and they visit you at home and deal closely with the patient and pay proper heed to the patient.

How to hire nurses from our nursing services at home?

It is easy to reach and contact us. You just need to follow the following steps-

1. Create an account by signing up or Log In (if you have an existing account).

2. Create your profile

3. Find your requirement

Or else you can directly contact us via WhatsApp or can fill the contact us form and our team will contact you!

Frequently Asked Questions related to hiring Nurse Professionals

Que.1 How to hire the best nurse for the home?

Ans: To hire a nurse for the hospital or at home, you just have to register at and find the nurse adding filters.

Que.2 What are the maximum hours for a nurse to work?

Ans: The maximum number of hours is 12 hours that can be exceeded for 16 hours, but thereafter a maximum 10 hours of rest is must.

Que.3 Which is the best platform that provides the best-experienced nurse?

Ans: Undoubtedly, it’s 360degreejobs because our team takes care of everything related to training the nurses, providing visas & etc.

Que.4 How 360DegreeJobs can help me to provide me with a Nurse?

Ans: Hiring a nurse is simple with 360degreejobs as users just have to do the registration and then have to select the required nurse followed by a few easy filters.

Que.5 What are the best parameters to hire an experienced Nurse for home?

Ans: We provide trained & certified nurses to all our users as we have a set of parameters through which every nurse has to go in order to get selected at 360degreejobs.

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