About Our Mission – 360 Degree Jobs

To help people migrate in an easy and legal way in which it will benefit the host and the native countries.

Our Values

Transparent: no hidden cost, clear, honest, protect the right of the employer and the employee.

Good with people: whether a big corporation or just a beautiful home with a beautiful family we make sure all aspects of hiring is taken care of.

Innovation: we integrate both our resources and technology to come up with a solution to fit everyone’s needs.

About 360degreejobs

360degreejobs is a leading skilled and unskilled job provider website in Asia and the Middle East.

360degreejobs has presence in the below countries and aiming to reach its sphere worldwide:

  1.       Singapore
  2.       The Philippines
  3.       India
  4.       United Arab Emirates
  5.       Saudi Arabia
  6.       Kuwait
  7.       Oman
  8.       Bahrain
  9.       Qatar
  10.       Cambodia
  11.       Bangladesh
  12.       Pakistan, and
  13.       Nepal

360degreejobs provide skilled workers with a huge database at their disposal and are quick on reviewing the employer demands whether it is a nanny, construction worker, nurse, or doctor.

At 360degreejobs we make sure the employer hires the best, therefore we screen each candidate personally rather than just codes in our database.  At 360degreejobs we facilitate the recruitment process so the employer will hire the best candidate in a hassle-free environment without any commitments.

At 360degreejobs the focus is not only on the employer or the sponsor, but we also take care of our recruit as well and try to make sure every contract project should protect their rights regarding their job or place of origin. Whether the person recruited holds a high-paid job such as a doctor or the lowest paid job such as a cleaner, we make sure all the candidates have rights and are respected by the employer.

Our process takes one to three weeks in order to finalize all the paper-work, we make sure the candidate goes through all the rounds of the interviews both at 360degreejobs or by the employer. If the employer doesn’t have the time or the resources, 360degreejobs will handle all the interview process and the paperwork.

Our candidate covers many skilled and unskilled jobs such as:

  •       Doctor
  •       Nurse
  •       Teacher
  •       Construction worker
  •       Cleaner
  •       Driver
  •       Nanny
  •       Housemaids
  •       Elderly care
  •       Physician
  •       IT Technician
  •       Guards
  •       Security worker
  •       Cabin Crew
  •       Engineer
  •       Plumber
  •       AC Tecnhician
  •       Electrician

And many more.

With 360degreejobs we offer all your employee solutions in one complete portal.  Try us, you have nothing to lose.

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